Learning Environment Design (LED)?

24 Jun

I’ve been moving away from traditional Instructional Design for years now. It was a slow trickle at first (around 2006) than changed to a full-on gush flowing away from engineered online course development to more of a softer side of learning create opportunities or activities for learners (executives and managers in my case).

I’ve been searching for a good term for this and a way to talk to other ISDs about my career/domain shift. I’ve been using the term learning environments for a while now. While I’m certain that is not a unique or profound use of the term, I’ve been searching for a better way or another person sharing the experience. I’ve been seeing this shift not only in my career but also in the way learning programs have been design for some time now … especially in the executive and management development arena.

Jane Hart has a great way to talking about this in an article she wrote this month for her blog Learning in a Social Workplace. I highly suggest her output along with Harold Jarche’s who partners with Jane on several projects. Good stuff. My particular point to this post is in regards to her first point. She entitles this shift in workplace learning as now better situated in creative learning spaces vice the classroom. It touches on quite a bit of what I see in the field.

Something I’m going to call Learning Environment Design (LED) for now. BTW, a quick Google search for learning environment design pops up a ton of links. That’s a great thing … others are thinking about this too.


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